A Day in the Garden: Gardening for Health and Healing

Gardening for Health and Healing is the theme of the Guelph-Wellington Master Gardeners’ annual “A Day in the Garden” event on Sunday, Feb. 25, 2018. Come escape the winter blues and be inspired for a new gardening season with insights from three speakers, as well as enjoying lunch, demonstrations and prizes.

Feature presentations:

Holistic Horticulture: Re-visioning Our Relationship with Plants by Jane New, MA, B.Ed., Horticultural Therapist 

For thousands of years humans have had an intimate relationship with plants and the natural world but the impact of western science has shifted that relationship. This presentation will explore the many ways that we can expand our vision of the plant world to encompass therapeutic connections as well as science-based knowledge.

Garden Seduction by Ken Brown, author and former Toronto Zoo horticulturist.

A general interest presentation where Ken allows his passion for all things horticultural to flow out to his audience. With anecdotes, facts, a wealth of experience and a generous sprinkling of humour, Ken entices even the blackest of thumbs to want to go out into the garden and partake of all of its benefits and pleasures. Participation in things horticultural can have positive benefits in so many aspects of our lives and Ken enthusiastically identifies and demonstrates how we can all improve those lives by spending some time Dallying in the Dirt.

The Medicine Garden – A Piece of History, a Path to Wellbeing and a Way to Save the World by Chris Lamont, Registered Herbalist

The Physic gardens of the Middle Ages were not just used for healing, but also for cultivating and studying medicinal plants. Today, there are close to 70,000 plants being used for their medicinal properties, many of which can easily be grown in our gardens. Growing our own medicine gives us the opportunity to care for ourselves and our loved ones, while also protecting some valuable species that have been over-harvested to the point of near extinction.  Join Chris Lamont, Registered Herbalist as he discusses the medicinal qualities and therapeutic uses of plants you can grow at home.

There will also be an opportunity to shop at vendor tables, including:

Tickets are $50 in advance or $55 at the door.

The event takes place from 8:45 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Victoria Park East Golf Club (1096 Victoria Rd. S., Guelph, ON).

To register: